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Colleagues vs Clients – who are you trying to impress with your office environment?

Colleagues vs Clients – who are you trying to impress with your office environment?

29th Oct 2018

First impressions are made in as little as seven seconds, psychologists believe. So, when it comes to the office environment, interior design matters – a lot! The initial impact of the space is likely to have a significant influence on an individual’s perception of a business, and beyond that the finer details will only add to their decision-making process.

Savvy organisations will therefore be thinking very carefully about the look and feel of their offices, as they head into 2019. Given industry statistics state that 86% of people pay more for a better customer experience (CX), and CX looks set to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020, this focus on interior design is no surprise.

Austin Fraser officesHowever, businesses that think only about clients when designing their offices, are perhaps missing a trick. Of course, there are lots of simple ways to make a space stand out, as a recent Leach blog explained. And yes, a reception or meeting room with the wow factor will go a great way to mking those all-important positive first impressions when customers visit.

But what about staff? The people who inhabit the same space every single day? The colleagues who travel to HQ from other satellite locations? Or the teams in the field who periodically return to base? Wouldn’t they be equally impressed with a vibrant office environment?

Well research findings seem to suggest they would!

Austin Fraser office envrionmentThe Wellness Together report – which surveyed 1000 UK office workers and 50 Facilities Management experts – found that that companies which offer good workplace conditions and have supportive/flexible working practices are more productive, innovative and profitable.

It was also discovered that workplace design clearly has an impact on staff retention, with 48% of respondents believing it would notably sway their decision to stay with an employer – or not!

Inviting employees to contribute to the conceptualisation of the workplace environment could have even more powerful results.

So, who are you trying to impress with your office space? Clients or colleagues?

Why not both?

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